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Uncategorized Archives - Consumatorium

Guest Post from a Pro: Strong International Specialty Spirits

Try some unusual, strong, international spirits in your cocktails at home. Guest post from Melissa Hardman, Chief staff writer for The Vine Daily.

Cape Codder

A super easy drink to make that’s a crowd pleaser. Especially for those occasions that call for a lower alcohol drink or those guests that like their cocktails on the lighter side.

The New Classic Cocktail Page is Live!

Many of our readers have asked for an easier to use Classic Cocktail page, While we still have a few tweaks to add, the new page is up and running. You can find it here and always in the menu right below the logo.

A Merry Consumatorium Christmas to All

We hope that all our readers have a terrific Christmas celebration. Please don’t consume too much, but definitely mix a fun drink or two for the holiday. Thanks to Dave and Maureen for the perfect new Christmas tree ornaments!

Today is the 80th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition – Let’s Celebrate!

The Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, banning the production, transport and sale (but not the private consumption or ownership) of alcoholic beverages was ratified by the requisite 3/4ths of the then 48 states on January 16, 1919. Eventually, all states save Connecticut and Rhode Island ratified the Amendment. Who would have thought that the […]

The Classics

Here at the Consumatorium, we try to honor the great mixologists that came before us and, more importantly, the drinks they created. These classic drinks are great to know about because not only are they terrific cocktails on their own and have stood the test of time but, more importantly, they form the foundation of […]