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Bar Setup Archives - Consumatorium

Making Your Own Grenadine

One of the great, fun parts about visiting craft bars is that you get to talk with bartenders who truly enjoy what they’re doing and who are, generally, very open to sharing what they know. One of the big secrets I often hear from craft bartenders is to make your own mixers when you can. As we […]

Stocking Up

I recently changed residences, and my new home – which will not surprise anyone – has a really nice bar. I had allowed my liquor inventory to deplete prior to the move, in part because there would be less to move, but also because the additional space would allow me to buy more full-size bottles. […]

Tools of the Trade II

In our previous Tools of the Trade post, we laid out the basic tools for the bar. As we’ve mixed drinks – both old and new – for the blog, though, we thought that we should add some of the tools that we’ve added to the Consumatorium bar over the past few months. A Boston […]

Ordering Cocktails at Restaurants

We took a little road trip this weekend to southwest Colorado, enjoying a little skiing, hiking, and hot springs. On Sunday we went out for a nice dinner, and the food was excellent, but the cocktail situation left a lot to be desired. A quick glance suggested that the restaurant had a “full bar,” so […]

Starting Your Bar

A while back, Dave and I published a list of what we felt were the essential liquors for a well stocked bar. Since then, several people have asked us where to start, how to build a bar on a budget and what are our favorites. So, we put together the table below.  It shows three […]

Bar Essentials – Vermouth

In a previous post, Dave discussed one type of vermouth, Bianco. We’ve also discussed other types of vermouth as mixers in some of the drinks we’ve mentioned. Some people drink this stuff straight up – which is gross IMO – but as a mixer, a couple of types of vermouth are must-have components of a […]

Amari Throwdown

Dave posted a while back about Amaro Montenegro, which is quite good. We’ve also posted about several other Amari (plural for Amaro) used in mixed drinks. I thought it would be a good idea to taste test a selection of Amari back-to-back to answer the age old questions of which one is best and whether […]

Tools of the Trade

You don’t need many tools to make great cocktails. Sure, you can go out and spend a fortune on some big cocktail kit, but there are only five tools you need. A small measuring cup. Here is the Oxo Mini Stainless Steal Measuring Cup which you can buy for about $5 at any home or […]

A Well-Stocked Bar

We’ve had several requests for a list of what a bar should include. Here is a first attempt; Will and I collaborated on this list. We have avoided specifying brands for this particular purpose, because we’ll want to get into that with more focus for each type of liquor. Just don’t buy the bottom-shelf brands, […]

Bar Essentials – Punt e Mes

Up until about a year ago, I had never even heard of Punt e Mes. Now, I use it all the time. Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth that is sweet at first taste, but bitter as it lasts on the tongue. The bitter effect is, interestingly, cumulative. The more you have of even […]