I wonder if the biggest ‘mistake’ was not adding sugar. I think it may be indicative that you liked the rum (lots of sugar) better than the others. The alcohol may pull out flavor better than sugar, and the successful pineapple is just way sweeter than peaches. All recipes for homemade fruit liqueurs involve tons and tons of sugar, way too much imho. I’m writing this while trying to enjoy my own cranberry vodka, and it required adding sweeter booze.

Also, I think you need to use something nicer than Smirnoff. The flavor of the fruit didn’t overwhelm its level of nasty (although by letting things sit long enough, I believe I’ve noticed the fruit filtering the booze, and absorbing a good deal of the cheap-liquor taste).

Here’s what I”m drinking, since I’m pretty happy with it. I’m calling it the Spinster Belle (since it’s sour, bitter, and Southern).

2 parts unsweetened cranberry vodka (cut the cranberries, they’re waterproof!)
2 parts bourbon
1 part Campari

Not for the faint of heart; to be sipped.

It had never occurred to me to add sugar, but that sure is an interesting idea. And oddly, I tasted the peach flavor the other day in a cocktail that used the peach-infused rum, and it had Cynar in it, which should have overwhelmed the peach. Perhaps the problem is my taste buds.

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