This is a fantastic cocktail! I’ve tried a few variations I wanted to share – if only to avoid others from bothering 😉 .

I ran out of grapefruit and tried to make it with an orange peel instead. Much less interesting of a drink, since the bitters are already orange and the grapefruit has that tartness to it that really cuts through the sweetness of the St. Germain et. al.

I also made it with Genever (Bols) instead of Old Tom Gin. Non-starter. Way too syrupy-sweet.

Oh – I also ‘tested’ making this with Domaine de Canton instead fo the St. Germain. I put that word in quotes because it was a pure accident – I just grabbed the wrong bottle out of the liquor cabinet. It wasn’t horrible or anything, but upon further testing, I couldn’t get this set of ingredients balanced out to ‘work’ IMO.

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