Sazerac – 2013-11-15-6

I really like this drink so I worked on making it as easy as possible. Here’s a small update for anyone concerned that this takes too long to make:

Instead of coating the Old Fashioned glass with Absente, pour in about 1/8th of an ounce of the liqueur in an ice-filled shaker with everything else. Err on the shorter side here if anything, the anise-taste of the Absente is very strong. No need for a separate mixing glass either, strain right into the serving glass.

I made these two at a time last night. They are strong drinks. The Absente is 110 proof and 6oz of rye per person is a lot to start with.

Still, delicious.

My Absinthe method is to use an atomizer and spray the absinthe onto the ice in the mixing glass. Generally, I’ve found that one spray is enough if you want to “enhance” the drink vs. two or more if you want to actually taste the absinthe separately.

Using an atomizer is a great idea and certainly goes along with the classic quantity of Absinthe used in most recipes. Perhaps it’s because I’m using Absente instead of Absinthe or even Herbsaint, but I like it a little stronger, that’s why I go to an 1/8th oz, which is substantially more than a spritz of an atomizer. To each their own, though. The anisey-taste of Absinthe/Absente/Herbsaint is quite strong so using it sparingly at first might be wise.

I’ll have to measure but I bet two atomizer squirts is about 1/8 oz. I have Pernod, and at the rate I’m using it, I will have to leave it to my kids.

I made this using Larressingle VSOP Armagnac. Very, very good. I think the key thing to realize is that this drink is a way to enhance drinking the liquor straight, as opposed to a full-on synthesis.

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