Tried your recipe yesterday. I had to substitute Jager for the Amaro and six year old Sauza Reposado Hornitos for the anejo. Unfortunately, Amaro does not appear to be available in Summit County.

Nice results that suggest the right ingredients will create a nice cocktail. I will have to update the bar in Boulder with a trip to Hazel’s.

Jager for Amaro – there’s a substitution I wouldn’t have thought of!

Enjoying un El Monje Loco esta noche. Skimped on the vermouth as I always do – it’s there, just a little less of it and replaced the Amaro Ramazzotti with Amara Averno. Not a substantive difference with either change. Great drink!

You might try Lillet to replace the vermouth and see how that comes out. A little quinine and that monk might really lose it!

Never mind the vermouth replacement. It needs to be there. Very happy with the full quota.

I found this site for the first time yesterday and tried your El Monje Loco. My wife summed it up this way: “That’s the best tequila drink I ever had.” Well done. Made it with Montenegro and then with Del Capo…both delicious.

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