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Vodka Archives - Consumatorium

Juicy Mix and Match Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail recipe allows you to mix and match a large variety of liqueurs and juices to make many different drinks all using the same recipe and base spirit. Frequently, I have guests or family members who like juicy drinks. Those that aren’t dominated by the taste of any particular spirit and taste more like the mixer […]

Infusion Lessons

With all the success Will has had making infusions, I figured “how hard could it be,” and endeavored to do some tests with Colorado’s favorite fruit, the Palisade Peach. In particular I decided to try infusing several different base liquors with peaches at the height of the season (late August), when they are at their […]

Deep Eddy Ruby Red and Soda

Here’s a quick summer cooler that couldn’t be much easier. It combines the pink grapefruit taste of Deep Eddy’s infused vodka with soda to make an easy, refreshing cocktail. Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red has a strong grapefruit taste and is fabulous straight up. The lighter drink mixed with soda helps make that great taste last […]

Mi Amore

If the French 75 that we posted about yesterday isn’t your valentine’s thing, you may want to offer up this rose-red, sweet cocktail that we came up with. The Mi Amore or My Love. A perfect gift to give if you forgot to get flowers on the way home from work on Valentine’s Day. As […]

Blueberry Smash

Here at Consumatorium labs, we are dedicated to the research of the finest cocktails that anybody can make. Recently, a friend asked for suggestions for drinks made with blueberries, which are now fresh, local and readily available here in New England. I did some web searching and came up with a few suggestions, including the […]

Auld Alliance

The Auld Alliance was an alliance between Scotland and France in the late Middle Ages, primarily against England. This cocktail is the latest in my quest to finish off nearly empty bottles from my bar, so the quantities are just what I had left. I added the vodka to make it stronger, and because it’s […]

Pineapple Infusion

Infusing Vodka with pineapple is a similar process to infusing it with Hot Tamales candy, it’s just a little more difficult to prepare and takes a bit longer. Don’t let that put you off. Yes, you need to plan ahead – 11 days ahead – but the destination is more than worth the journey. This […]

Hot Tamales Infusion

Don’t be intimidated by infusions. While they take a little time, they are very easy to do and offer up some tastes that you just can’t buy. I spent many months last year experimenting with infusions, several of which I’ll share with you here. Today, I’ll explain how to make my absolute favorite, the Hot […]