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White Lady

The White Lady is a classic cocktail that I found on the IBA website. I made one this past weekend as shown in the photo, and while I enjoyed it, it was very tart. I feel about lemon juice the way Will does about dry vermouth: a little goes a long way. So today I […]

Baroque and Famous

We’re at a cocktail party at our friends Bob and Micki’s place. Bob’s scientific work takes him to South America, and he picked up this bottle (note, a used Miller beer bottle) of these super tasty, unusual bitters from Iquitos, Peru. We replaced the usual Cynar in the recipe with those Chaman siete bitters. Since […]


This is a cousin of the Negroni which we have yet to describe – I’m leaving it to Dave because he has refined the proportions to be much more palatable than those of the original recipe. The Patrician retains the tart nature of the Negroni but adds a balancing sweetness that makes it better, IMO.  […]

The Back Bay

Sometimes, you have a drink at a bar and instantly fall in love with it. Once in a while, you want to spit it out – in the direction of the bartender. Still, at other times, you try something and you know it’s close, but not quite perfect. That’s the way it was for me with […]

Golden Gibson

A Gibson is a dry martini with a cocktail onion instead of an olive or lemon twist. I felt like an experiment so I added Grand Marnier and a little absinthe. Nice combo – I like the color and it’s just a mildly flavored martini. 2 oz Gin 1 oz dry vermouth 1 oz Grand […]