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Modern Archives - Consumatorium

Dog Sled Accident

Bourbon and Amaro. That’s it. I could end this blog post here, and you could probably figure it out, and it will be good. But if I did that I probably wouldn’t be earning my keep. I first tried this drink at my friend John’s ski condo – he always puts me on the spot […]

3G Cocktail

My friend Randy previously shared with us an excellent drink that he invented, and which I named the Cognitive Deficit. The other day I was at his home and he offered up another cocktail, this time a modern invention by master mixologist Junior Merino. The 3G (presumably named loosely after its ingredients) starts with gin […]

Dieci e Lodi

For the home bartender, adding fruit juice to the repertoire increases dramatically the variety of drinks you can make, at very low cost in dollars and space. You need a good juicer, so that you can use fresh juice – it makes a huge difference. Plus the quantities associated with a piece of fruit are […]


Sometimes the home bartender has to substitute, and even compromise, to make a first pass at a cocktail. That’s what I did here, substituting a half-and-half mix of cognac and cheap apple pucker for apple brandy. It’s not the same, but gives you a feel for the cocktail idea. This recipe is still a little […]

Baroque and Famous

We’re at a cocktail party at our friends Bob and Micki’s place. Bob’s scientific work takes him to South America, and he picked up this bottle (note, a used Miller beer bottle) of these super tasty, unusual bitters from Iquitos, Peru. We replaced the usual Cynar in the recipe with those Chaman siete bitters. Since […]


This is a cousin of the Negroni which we have yet to describe – I’m leaving it to Dave because he has refined the proportions to be much more palatable than those of the original recipe. The Patrician retains the tart nature of the Negroni but adds a balancing sweetness that makes it better, IMO.  […]

Tommy Noble

Named for the failed British boxer by a bartender at the now closed B Side Lounge in Cambridge, MA – what does that tell you about this drink? Failed boxer, closed bar . . . It’s actually quite good with a sweet and sour taste (not bitter, but sour) that you don’t find in many […]

Casino Soul

Just picked up my first bottle of Cynar yesterday, it’s an Amaro/bitters sort of beverage that is newer (1950s) than some of the multi-century liqueurs I’ve been playing with. Supposedly it is unique in that it includes artichoke as an ingredient, but you surely can’t taste it separately. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe […]

The Back Bay

Sometimes, you have a drink at a bar and instantly fall in love with it. Once in a while, you want to spit it out – in the direction of the bartender. Still, at other times, you try something and you know it’s close, but not quite perfect. That’s the way it was for me with […]

The Upper West Side

Yesterday, Dave posted Best. Manhattan, Evar. I made the drink tonight and it is fabulous. A must try. But, I don’t think that making it a Manhattan derivative does it justice. It is a bit sweeter and has more body than a Manhattan. I believe it deserves its own name and I have christened it […]