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The Last Word

Never fear, loyal Consumatorium readers, we are not shutting down. No, The Last Word is a prohibition-era cocktail that was rediscovered and popularized about a decade ago. It’s tasty and tart, and while the first sip is a little overpowering, it goes down very easily after that. The lime juice, while significant, is balanced well […]

3G Cocktail

My friend Randy previously shared with us an excellent drink that he invented, and which I named the Cognitive Deficit. The other day I was at his home and he offered up another cocktail, this time a modern invention by master mixologist Junior Merino. The 3G (presumably named loosely after its ingredients) starts with gin […]


I invented this drink a couple of months ago, when I was experimenting again with Perfect Martini variations (see En Banc for another). I was trying to come up with something that those who disdain vermouth could enjoy, but without the sweetness of the En Banc. This cocktail was the result. At first I was […]

Old Tom Gibson

Just fabulous. I’ve written previously about Dry Martinis and Gibsons, and Will and I have both recently been using Old Tom gin. I put them together and made an Old Tom Gibson, and it’s just a great combination, with a superior mesh of flavors that truly includes the onion. The Old Tom is flavorful, the […]

Faux Fruit Cocktail

Hardly any explanation needed. A bunch of fruity ingredients, but no actual fruit (except the cherry). It actually bears more than a passing resemblance in flavor to canned fruit cocktail. 1 oz gin 1 oz Applejack Brandy 1/2 oz grenadine 1/4 oz lemon juice 2 hearty dashes orange bitters Luxardo cherry

Comparing Plymouth Gin and Old Tom

Having just learned a bit about categories of gin, I thought I’d do a quick comparison and share what I’ve learned. There are several legal categories that vary depending on the country of origin and how the spirit is made. London gin, dry gin, Plymouth gin (a category with exactly one brand), and Old Tom […]

Classic Martini with Modern Brands

[Note: for our one-stop-shop of Martini preparation info, check out our Classic Martini post] You might be surprised by the appearance of this Martini. Where’s the olive? What’s with that color? It turns out that the Martini most people know: gin, a touch of dry vermouth, and a pimiento-stuffed green olive – is a variation […]

Norman Conquest

Well, I’ve been refining this drink over the last few days and it’s eerily similar to the En Banc that Dave has been working on. In my creation, I use Regan’s Orange Bitters while Dave uses Amaro. Dave came at his drink while thinking about refining a perfect martini and I came to mine while thinking […]

En Banc

You’ve been wondering, I’m sure, whether I’m on the wagon, given the dearth of posts. Never fear. I’ve been experimenting with variations on the Perfect Martini, and hadn’t found a combination worthy of sharing (though some were good and probably just need ratio work). A Perfect Martini is one that includes both sweet and dry […]


Not everyone likes cocktail onions. I do. They’re not included in our starter bar, but for ten bucks you can get a small jar that will last a very long time whether you use them or not. Unfortunately there aren’t very many standard recipes that use this garnish. In fact, it’s really just the Gibson […]