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Dry Vermouth Archives - Consumatorium

L’Allegro Cocktail

Every cocktail recipe has two kinds of ingredients: liquids and history. Since the L’Allegro cocktail is my own mix I know the history, and I’ll start with that, but feel free to skip right to the recipe if you’re in a hurry. Back in the day (a phrase I am old enough to use without […]

The Martini

Though one of the most popular and well-known cocktails of all time, what passes for a Martini has evolved considerably. Unlike with other classic cocktails, identifying a preferred recipe for the Martini involves not only ratios and garnishes but even the primary liquors. Consequently, knowledge of a few variations is essential to satisfying your guests. […]

Robert’s Revenge

Bob and Micki had another gathering where I tried some recipes using the Peruvian bitters (shown in first photo) Bob brought back from his most recent trip there, truly risking life and limb for the cause of mixology. We tried several recipes in fast succession, using the handy 2.5 oz mini glasses that Will bought […]

Old Tom Gibson

Just fabulous. I’ve written previously about Dry Martinis and Gibsons, and Will and I have both recently been using Old Tom gin. I put them together and made an Old Tom Gibson, and it’s just a great combination, with a superior mesh of flavors that truly includes the onion. The Old Tom is flavorful, the […]


Not everyone likes cocktail onions. I do. They’re not included in our starter bar, but for ten bucks you can get a small jar that will last a very long time whether you use them or not. Unfortunately there aren’t very many standard recipes that use this garnish. In fact, it’s really just the Gibson […]

Bar Essentials – Vermouth

In a previous post, Dave discussed one type of vermouth, Bianco. We’ve also discussed other types of vermouth as mixers in some of the drinks we’ve mentioned. Some people drink this stuff straight up – which is gross IMO – but as a mixer, a couple of types of vermouth are must-have components of a […]

Cabaret Cocktail Redux

I previously wrote about the Cabaret Cocktail, which is a sort of Martini plus a little Benedictine, and while it was enjoyable it seemed to be missing something. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with various mixtures of Benedictine and Bitters as a kind of after-dinner liqueur/digestif. These have been drinkable, though I haven’t found the […]

Cabaret Cocktail

In keeping with the theme of Martini + something, we have the Cabaret, which features a touch of Benedictine. This is good but seems like it is missing something – really I think it’s just a little shy with the Benedictine, giving the recipe in sub-teaspoon units. Worth a try but also worth experimenting. 3 […]

Golden Gibson

A Gibson is a dry martini with a cocktail onion instead of an olive or lemon twist. I felt like an experiment so I added Grand Marnier and a little absinthe. Nice combo – I like the color and it’s just a mildly flavored martini. 2 oz Gin 1 oz dry vermouth 1 oz Grand […]

El Monje Loco

This one is my invention and I’m damn proud of it. First, the name: I was calling it “Crazy Monk” due to the tequila / Benedictine combo. Then my friend Mauricio pointed out that there is a sort of cartoon character in Mexico named “El Monje Loco”, which is as close to a precise translation […]