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Campari Archives - Consumatorium

Negroni Cocktail

Depending on which origin story you believe, the Negroni Cocktail is either just over or just under 100 years old. Either way, it is a popular classic drink with a definitive recipe and numerous enjoyable variations. Lower in alcohol content than a typical short drink, it is excellent as an aperitif or to wash down […]

The Gotham

A while back, I went to the Mermaid Inn on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There I had a drink called The Gotham, a Manhattan derivative. While the drink list gave me the ingredients, I wasn’t convincing enough to get the recipe from the bartender. After playing with it a bit, though, I think I’ve recreated […]


Back in the day, Will and I used to drink more than our fair share of Rusty Nails. There was a restaurant, Callahan’s (it still exists, but they moved and were never the same), that served them in pint glasses for $3. OK, that was almost 30 years ago, so it would be like $6 […]

Dieci e Lodi

For the home bartender, adding fruit juice to the repertoire increases dramatically the variety of drinks you can make, at very low cost in dollars and space. You need a good juicer, so that you can use fresh juice – it makes a huge difference. Plus the quantities associated with a piece of fruit are […]

Williamsburg Cocktail

It’s “spring” in Colorado, which means “winter every other week.” Just as some have been pulling their warm-weather clothes out of the closet, I’ve recently made a few warm weather cocktails, like the Negroni and the Scotch and Soda. But tonight we’re expecting a foot of snow and it’s blustery outside, so I’m back to […]

Negroni Cocktail

[Note: for our one-stop-shop about Negroni preparation, check out our Classic Negroni post] Ah, spring is here: the birds are chirping, the air is warmer, everyone is playing outside. I put on my Chaco sandals and we took a ride in the convertible.  It must be time for a Negroni! Unlike many classic cocktails, this […]

Wilted Poinsettia

I was playing with some mint for an upcoming post and decided to just invent something. The mint plus Campari makes this look like a poinsettia that died around New Year’s Day, but is still in the house in February. It’s a tasty drink, with some elements of a mint julep and a Manhattan. 2 […]

San Gennaro

This one was suggested by my friend and colleague Joni Klippert, and has the merit of consisting of ingredients I already have. That is, except for the Luxardo cherries, which I was long overdue to procure. 1 oz Rye 1 oz Amaro Montenegro 1 oz sweet vermouth (M&R) 1/4 oz Campari Luxardo cherry for garnish […]