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Barrel Aging at Home – Part I

A few months ago, my wife bought me a 2-liter oak barrel used for aging spirits. Who knew such a thing existed on such a small scale? As it turns out, you can get barrels in almost any size you’d like. Small barrels age the wine, spirits or beer in them much faster than larger […]

East Meets West

I love the taste of ginger and had been thinking of picking up a bottle of ginger liqueur for a while (Domain de Canton in particular) to see what kinds of alcoholic taste fantasies I could fulfill (get your mind out of the gutter, it’s just a drink). After almost depleting the contents of a bottle, I […]

Table Scraps #1

Sometimes you’re at a friend’s house, it’s cocktail hour, and all he or she has in the back of a bottom kitchen cabinet is the most random collection of liquor you’ve ever seen. You should view this not as a disappointing debacle, but rather as an opportunity to practice your skills. I have this evening […]

Will’s Antiquato

Several years ago, I was at a charity auction and bid on and won the opportunity to work with a bartender at a restaurant to create my own drink and then to have that drink featured on the restaurant’s menu for a month. The restaurant, Rocca, in Boston’s South End is now out of business. […]

The Highball

Highballs are a very different category of cocktail from what we’ve looked at so far on this blog. They have a much lower concentration of alcohol, making them appropriate and enjoyable for those who don’t like more ‘boozy’ drinks. They’re also nice with dinner, since they don’t need to be sipped. In general, a highball […]

Wilted Poinsettia

I was playing with some mint for an upcoming post and decided to just invent something. The mint plus Campari makes this look like a poinsettia that died around New Year’s Day, but is still in the house in February. It’s a tasty drink, with some elements of a mint julep and a Manhattan. 2 […]