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Benedictine Archives - Consumatorium

Cocktail a la Louisiane – The Best Classic Drink You’ve Never Heard Of

This drink is more commonly known as the a la Louisiane or just la Louisiane these days. That is, of course, if you can find a bartender who has even heard of it. When a friend recently took me to Tavern Road, the terrific craft bar in Boston, the bartender suggested I try this based […]

Auld Alliance

The Auld Alliance was an alliance between Scotland and France in the late Middle Ages, primarily against England. This cocktail is the latest in my quest to finish off nearly empty bottles from my bar, so the quantities are just what I had left. I added the vodka to make it stronger, and because it’s […]

Table Scraps #1

Sometimes you’re at a friend’s house, it’s cocktail hour, and all he or she has in the back of a bottom kitchen cabinet is the most random collection of liquor you’ve ever seen. You should view this not as a disappointing debacle, but rather as an opportunity to practice your skills. I have this evening […]

Vieux Carre

I tried the Vieux Carre cocktail at Boulder’s Brasserie 1010, thinking it was a house invention, and only later learning that it is a classic cocktail invented in New Orleans in the early 20th century. I was also pleased to find that it uses mostly common ingredients – everything is in our standard bar except […]


The B&B is a classic after dinner drink – so classic, in fact, that you can get it pre-bottled. It stands for Brandy and.Benedictine (even quantities), and it is a tasty combo. Never content, I decided to mix it with bitters – specifically, an Amaro – for the third B. Really good – and a […]

Cabaret Cocktail Redux

I previously wrote about the Cabaret Cocktail, which is a sort of Martini plus a little Benedictine, and while it was enjoyable it seemed to be missing something. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with various mixtures of Benedictine and Bitters as a kind of after-dinner liqueur/digestif. These have been drinkable, though I haven’t found the […]

Cabaret Cocktail

In keeping with the theme of Martini + something, we have the Cabaret, which features a touch of Benedictine. This is good but seems like it is missing something – really I think it’s just a little shy with the Benedictine, giving the recipe in sub-teaspoon units. Worth a try but also worth experimenting. 3 […]

El Monje Loco

This one is my invention and I’m damn proud of it. First, the name: I was calling it “Crazy Monk” due to the tequila / Benedictine combo. Then my friend Mauricio pointed out that there is a sort of cartoon character in Mexico named “El Monje Loco”, which is as close to a precise translation […]

Fort Point

The Fort Point is the house drink at the bar Drink (yes, that’s the name of the bar) in Boston. Since I went to a cocktail class with the bartenders from Drink and learned how to make it, it’s been my absolute favorite and my go-to cocktail. 2 ounces Rye (I used Bulleit Rye, one […]

Chrysanthemum Cocktail

I first had a Chrysanthemum at the Black Cat in Boulder. It’s an after-dinner cocktail that made a lovely dessert that Maureen and I shared. Why fill up on pastry carbs when you can have one of these? Black Cat made theirs with Bianco vermouth, which I plan to try soon enough, but I made […]