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Consumatorium Reviews: Pharmarium in Stockholm, Sweden

For most of our readers, Stockholm is not part of the usual pub crawl circuit. That, however, doesn’t keep the Consumatorium team from covering all the bases for our international and traveling followers. And what better bar for us to cover than the Pharmarium. It was, obviously, meant to be discussed here by virtue of […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Hawaiian Craft Cocktail Culture

Hook, Line & Sinker at the Four Seasons Wailea I recently visited Maui with my family – everyone’s of drinking age – and we went on a quest to check out bars and restaurants around Weilea, a resort area of Maui. We fully expect to find menus full of sugary Tiki drinks and highballs filled […]

Consumatorium Reviews: The Med in Boulder

This week the Consumatorium crew went to The Med (Mediterranean Restaurant) in Boulder. The Med is one of Boulder’s hotspots; the restaurant has amazing food that has been consistently great since I’ve lived here (13 years now), and when they doubled their space a couple of years ago you still couldn’t get a walk-in table […]

Consumatorium Reviews: OAK at Fourteenth, Boulder

Last night, I and two faithful Consumatorium readers, Bill and Seth, went to OAK at Fourteenth to sample their cocktails and cocktail experience. I’m hoping to make this into a series, covering the large and statistically unlikely number of excellent bars in Boulder. I arrived at 5pm, and the bar and restaurant were largely empty. […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Monkey Bar, NYC

The traveling Consumatorium review team recently visited the famous Monkey Bar in New York City and consumed some of the excellent cocktails from its classic bar. The Monkey Bar was opened towards the end of Prohibition and was known as a place for casual encounters. With it’s location inside a hotel and with a drink […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Hemingway Bar in Prague, Czech Republic

Recently, the entire Consumatorium staff went on a field trip to the Hemingway Bar in Prague, Czech Republic.  Not only is the Hemingway Bar a fabulous craft bar, but they specialize in their namesake’s favorite drinks – absinthe, rum and champagne. Specialize somehow doesn’t do it justice, though. Their cocktail menu includes three pages of absinthe choices alone. […]