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Bars Archives - Consumatorium

Consumatorium Reviews: New York City Craft Cocktail Bars – Dutch Kills and BlackTail

The best New York City craft cocktail bars. In this episode, Dutch Kills in Queens and Blacktail in lower Manhattan.

Consumatorium Reviews: Orlando Craft Cocktail Bars

Recently, we found ourselves in Orlando, Florida and, as usual, set out on a mission to identify the best Orlando Craft Cocktail Bars. As it turns out, Orlando, like several other Florida cities we’ve visited, has a great craft cocktail scene. No, none of them are at Disney World, although a drunk Mickey would be […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Cuban Cocktail Adventures

When most of us think of Cuba, we have a romantic mental image made up of scenes from the 1950s, perhaps including Al Pacino visiting on the eve of the revolution (Godfather reference). A place full of nightclubs, casinos and, of course, bars where cantineros (Cuban bartenders) threw Cuban cocktails between mixing glasses and poured from […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Bars in Budapest, Hungary

During our recent, very brief stop in Budapest, Hungary, we found the craft bar scene surprisingly good, but we were disappointed to find out that during our Sunday/Monday visit to the city, several of the best bars were closed. Undaunted, we found a couple of interesting cocktail purveyors and another that’s not only worth mentioning, but […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Bars in Scottsdale, Arizona

The cocktail scene in Scottsdale is excellent. In addition to the fact that there are many craft cocktail bars, most of the bars also offer a happy hour where drinks are often considerably discounted. To our surprise, it isn’t only the well drinks (the drinks often made with lesser, cheaper ingredients) that get the lower […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Bars in Berlin, Germany

Just down the street from Checkpoint Charlie in what used to be known as East Berlin, is a quickly growing area of new bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Contrary to its long term austerity during Soviet occupation, it has become a young, hip and vibrant community of art, architecture and, of course, craft cocktails. We, your […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Bars in Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavic, while old and established in so many ways, is fairly new to cocktail bars. In fact, the first real craft cocktail bar in town, Slippbarinn, at the Reykjavik Marina Hotel, opened in 2012. The city’s recent arrival on the cocktail scene didn’t prevent the Consumatorium team from checking out the its quickly growing adoption of craft […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Cocktail Bars in Sarasota Florida

Who knew that Sarasota was a Mecca for craft cocktail bars? We didn’t even have time to hit all the great bars in town during our brief stay. That’s not to say that we didn’t try. Someone really needs to find a reliable hangover cure or maybe we just need to avoid having drinks on […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas

Atomic Liquors is located at 917 Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Originally built in 1945 as a café, Atomic became the first freestanding bar in Las Vegas in 1952. The bar was named for the time when its patrons watched atomic blasts taking place at the not too distant Nevada Test Site from the roof of the […]

Consumatorium Reviews: Craft Cocktail Bars in Copenhagen, Denmark

Following up on our Stockholm bar review last week, the Consumatorium team continued our Northern European tour and headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. There, we found two things that threw us for a loop. One, everything was shockingly expensive and, two, craft cocktails were available everywhere we turned. Or, should I say, really expensive craft cocktails were available […]