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The B&B is a classic after dinner drink – so classic, in fact, that you can get it pre-bottled. It stands for Brandy and.Benedictine (even quantities), and it is a tasty combo. Never content, I decided to mix it with bitters – specifically, an Amaro – for the third B. Really good – and a […]

Cabaret Cocktail Redux

I previously wrote about the Cabaret Cocktail, which is a sort of Martini plus a little Benedictine, and while it was enjoyable it seemed to be missing something. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with various mixtures of Benedictine and Bitters as a kind of after-dinner liqueur/digestif. These have been drinkable, though I haven’t found the […]

Amari Throwdown

Dave posted a while back about Amaro Montenegro, which is quite good. We’ve also posted about several other Amari (plural for Amaro) used in mixed drinks. I thought it would be a good idea to taste test a selection of Amari back-to-back to answer the age old questions of which one is best and whether […]

Cabaret Cocktail

In keeping with the theme of Martini + something, we have the Cabaret, which features a touch of Benedictine. This is good but seems like it is missing something – really I think it’s just a little shy with the Benedictine, giving the recipe in sub-teaspoon units. Worth a try but also worth experimenting. 3 […]

El Monje Loco

This one is my invention and I’m damn proud of it. First, the name: I was calling it “Crazy Monk” due to the tequila / Benedictine combo. Then my friend Mauricio pointed out that there is a sort of cartoon character in Mexico named “El Monje Loco”, which is as close to a precise translation […]

The Upper West Side

Yesterday, Dave posted Best. Manhattan, Evar. I made the drink tonight and it is fabulous. A must try. But, I don’t think that making it a Manhattan derivative does it justice. It is a bit sweeter and has more body than a Manhattan. I believe it deserves its own name and I have christened it […]

Best. Manhattan. Evar.

[Note: for our one-stop-shop of Manhattan preparation info, check out our Classic Manhattan post]  A Manhattan is among the most classic of classic cocktails. The standard recipe is Rye, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters with a cherry. My drink tonight illustrates how brands matter, because it was amazing. 2 oz Russell’s Kentucky Rye […]


The Brooklyn is one of the cocktails that got me interested in the larger world of ingredients. It’s a classic from the 1800s, but one of the key ingredients is an amaro called Amer Picon, which is not generally imported into the U.S. Some bars (including Boulder’s Bitter Bar) even attempt to make their own […]

Welcomed Pause

Last night I had dinner at the Bramble & Hare, a fairly serious mixological establishment, and started with a Welcomed Pause. In both name and ingredients, this suited my mood. Basically it’s gin and several Amaros. I don’t have any of those Amaros at home, but I created a reasonable and tasty replica. 2 oz […]

Amaro Montenegro

After enjoying a Cooperstown – basically a Perfect Martini with mint, pretty good) before dinner at Alba, we decided to have a little “digestivo” at home. Amaro Montenegro is a recent acquisition that I bought for mixed cocktails, but its origins are as an “after coffee” drink. We had a little straight up in an […]