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The Official, Curated Consumatorium Lounge Music Playlist - Consumatorium

The Official, Curated Consumatorium Lounge Music Playlist

Lounge MusicOver the last few years, we’ve done plenty of global bar hopping. Our main goal, of course, was to discover new cocktails and learn how they’re made. As it turns out, most cocktail bars are just cool places to hang out. They’re set up to create a mood and environment perfect for enjoying and lingering over the cocktails created by their bartenders. That includes the seating and furnishings, of course, but also the almost imperceptible lounge music that sets the tone for the experience.

So, we decided to bring more than the recipes and techniques home. We wanted to bring some of that atmosphere, too. We armed ourselves with Shazam and noted the music being played in the background. It’s so much of the experience after all. From there, we assembled a playlist, then expanded it with new tunes that we’ve discovered and felt made the Consumatorium experience that much better. Now, we’re ready to share it.

About 130 songs, 8-1/2 hours of drinking accompaniment – some instrumental, some vocal. Some, retro, some current. From big bands to electronica. From ballads to Salsa. From soft ambiance to mildly pulsating rhythms.

Best played on shuffle and at a volume that still lets you listen to the ice in your glass. Give it a spin and tell us what you think.

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