Elderflower Gin and Tonic

I wonder: have you tried fever tree’s elderflower tonic yet?

A2H, yes, we have tried few drinks with it including gin and tonics! Unfortunately, while we like the tonic, itself, we don’t think it makes a particularly good G&T. The compromise in the bitter tonic taste and the sweeter elderflower taste just don’t seem to balance well. That’s why we like using the liqueur and tonic separately. If your taste tests are different, please post! We love to hear what others have discovered.

I’ve been enjoying Elderflower G&T’s for a while now and may have found the perfect gin for this simple concoction. It’s a barrel aged gin called Rusty Blade. Its slightly warmer/richer flavor plays well with the St. Germain — and, since the aging makes it look like “brown goods,” I feel better about drinking it all winter long. 🙂


Would a Tanqueray, Bombay, or Bombay Sapphire mix well with this? The traditional Bombay is very junniper floral so it might be the best choice of the three?

Christopher, sure thing. Plymouth is our go-to gin, but the London Dry gins will work as well. The Tanqueray will, of course, have its strong unique taste. The proportions will work out great. The Bombay (and Sapphire) are a little lighter, so you may want to increase the gin or decrease the elderflower just a bit.


Made one of these. Independently. With Q. GOOOOD!

Perfect summer drink! Thanks for the comment.

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