A nice selection of $20-a-bottle mixing whiskies

This is a great post. I second Dave’s thoughts on proof. The taste difference between 80 and 100 proof spirits is much bigger than you’d think in a mixed drink. Most recipes call for 80 proof. If you use 100 proof, the drink will taste different than intended. Not bad, just different.

I’ll just add a couple of thoughts. As for whiskies, I find it difficult to mix with Irish Whiskey. I have a variety of bottles, but rarely use them other than for specialty drinks. I also find that over time, I go for Rye even when a recipe calls for Bourbon. This might be a personal taste thing, but if you only have one in your bar, I’d pick Rye over bourbon.

As for liqueurs, I’d add Benedictine to the list. It’s a standard in my bar. It mixes great with almost anything, especially with whiskies.

Completely agree on the Benedictine. I sbould clarify that this was not comprehensive, it’s just what I was out of.

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