This is a fantastic experiment. I also recently read about a guy that was aging bourbon (I think) in barrels in the hold of a ship so the motion of the ship would increase the contact between the bourbon and the oak and significantly speed up the aging process. Can’t wait for the results.

David, the ship’s motion makes loads of sense and is cool to boot. I did think about rotating the barrels every day, but they were out of site and out of mind and it didn’t happen. Of course, it never would have been as constant as a tossing ship. Thanks!

I got a one liter barrel. Been use to age bourbon n bitter. I’m a soo beginner. Can some one give a very simple mix to try.


Cindy, check out the second part of our barrel-aging post here – – it will give you a couple of recipes to try.

2 Liter Mini Oak Wine Barrel

[…] el and Bulleit in the other. I filled the barrels and let them sit for about 6 w […]

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