I love the pictures Will. How long did you pick berries before you got bored? The drink looks great. It will be my next cocktail We have enjoyed the blueberries this summer a great deal.

I think it was a full 10 minutes before I was bored 🙂 Fortunately, it was a target rich environment and 10 minutes netted loads of berries.

If you’re not a fan of the Boston, why not just muddle in the shaker bottom?

You certainly can do that. The strainer in a Cobbler shaker is generally pretty large and big chunks of Blueberry will make it into the drink. You could use the Cobbler shaker to shake, then strain it with something different. At that point though, you might as well stick with the Boston. An additional benefit of using the Boston when muddling is that you can easily see how well you’ve muddled.

This recipe has been updated to add our friend Shawn’s suggestion that the garnish include blueberries along with the lemon peel. Doh! Of course it should.

FYI/FWIW – I tried this with Raspberries instead of Blueberries (improvise, adapt, overcome). It didn’t work very well. Raspberry and Lemon are hardly enemies, but Blueberry and Lemon are certainly dear dear lovers. The vodka really came through – maybe it’d work with the ratios mucked around a bit. I am going to try it at some point with Raspberries and LIME instead – lovers since the dawn of time…

Great feedback! The raspberry taste is a little more subtle too. Tell us how it works out with a lime.

So I think the 3/4 oz of simple syrup is too much. It certainly, without a doubt, tastes YUMMY as-is. But I’ve tried ratcheting it down a bit (1/2 oz) and now the flavors are less masked by the sweetness. I can feel/taste the vodka coming through. I prefer it and might try 1/4 oz instead – or maybe just muddle a brown sugar cube into the mix as one might for a Saz. FWIW!

Shawn, that makes sense. It depends a bit on the sweetness of the blueberries to some extent. I’ll make the drink again soon and try it out less SS. BTW, after a lot of taste testing, I think a muddled brown sugar cube is 1/4-1/3 of an ounce of 1:1 SS. Just one alcoholic’s opinion. The math around the whole solid/liquid measurement mixup with 1:1 SS makes my head spin.

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