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Norman Conquest - Consumatorium

Norman Conquest

Well, I’ve been refining this drink over the last few days and it’s eerily similar to the En Banc that Dave has been working on. In my creation, I use Regan’s Orange Bitters while Dave uses Amaro. Dave came at his drink while thinking about refining a perfect martini and I came to mine while thinking about a Maximilian Affair. It just goes to show that there are many ways to create your own cocktails.

So, here’s the Norman Conquest . . . 

In 10-something-something (that’s sometime in the 11thcentury for you history challenged folk), the French, in Norman form, invaded England and installed a king. This guaranteed a melding of French and English cultures for at least a little while. In this Norman Conquest, the St. Germain influences the gin taste without truly overcoming it. OK, that’s a stretch of an analogy, but you get the idea.

I tried a few different gins with this creation and decided that Old Tom Gin, which is sweeter, more viscous and has a softer juniper scent than London Dry Gins just tasted better. Try this recipe with each and judge for yourself (if you like a strong gin/juniper taste and smell, try it with Plymouth Gin).
  •         2 oz Old Tom Gin (I used Hayman’s)
  •         ½ oz St. Germain
  •        4-5 dashes Orange Bitters (Regan’s)
  •        Grapefruit garnish

Shake over ice and serve in a cocktail glass. Make sure you peel the grapefruit over the cocktail glass to get the grapefruit zest floating on the drink. 

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About Will Herman (103 Posts)

I don't know what it takes to become a professional mixologist, but I'm going to night school at my own home bar to achieve that status. For now, I'm an amateur cocktail creator who enjoys learning about new drinks and rediscovering the classics.


  1. This is a fantastic cocktail! I’ve tried a few variations I wanted to share – if only to avoid others from bothering 😉 .

    I ran out of grapefruit and tried to make it with an orange peel instead. Much less interesting of a drink, since the bitters are already orange and the grapefruit has that tartness to it that really cuts through the sweetness of the St. Germain et. al.

    I also made it with Genever (Bols) instead of Old Tom Gin. Non-starter. Way too syrupy-sweet.

  2. Oh – I also ‘tested’ making this with Domaine de Canton instead fo the St. Germain. I put that word in quotes because it was a pure accident – I just grabbed the wrong bottle out of the liquor cabinet. It wasn’t horrible or anything, but upon further testing, I couldn’t get this set of ingredients balanced out to ‘work’ IMO.

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