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Your note about cocktails only. You might not have to ad as much to make it a full-on bar. Maybe a bottle of scotch, whites and reds, and a small bit of equipment! Ima thinking you’ve got serious coverage for $200. For $225 and a trip to Spencers, you get disco lights and Saturday night fever!

@John, as we say, it’s all about preferences 🙂

The comment about cocktails is just to say that we’d often buy better stuff if we were not mixing ingredients. Certainly by variety, there is almost enough there, as you say.

A friend just pointed me to this site:, which has ratings and prices for a lot of different brands. Worth a look before you start building your bar – the Consumatorium team can only try so many combinations! Be sure to report back.

Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post thank
you once again.

Really could use some help on which liquors to start a bar. Getting ready to open one up and could use some advise.

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