Thanks for the introduction to this recipe and Punt e Mes. I have made this cocktail several times. Most recently I changed it a bit by substituting lime juice (one small lime) instead of the lemon. I find it is a smoother drink.

My standard drink is a Bombay Safire martini. Do you have a recommendation for a drink that has both Gin and Punt e Mes?


Dave, Punt e Mes is a nice substitute and variation for any cocktail that otherwise uses sweet vermouth. One classic cocktail that mixes gin and sweet vermouth is a Martinez, which I think would go well with Punt e Mes. Also, a combination of gin, Amaro, and Punt e Mes is quite nice, e.g., the Welcomed Pause.

Dave O, we’ve mentioned a Negroni several times as well. A Negroni is equal parts Gin, Compari and Sweet Vermouth. As Dave J. says, pretty much any drink that calls for Sweet Vermouth can use Punt e Mes instead. Try a Negroni with Punt e Mes. IMO, it’s a much better drink. If you’re using Bombay Sapphire, you may want to add another 1/4 oz of gin. Bombay Sapphire doesn’t have as strong a juniper taste as some gins and the Compari and Punt e Mes will roll all over it. Cheers!

Thank you both. I will let you know how my trials go. Also thanks for creating this blog. I am enjoying it, one sip at a time. 🙂

We did a slight variation on Maximilian Affairs last night when a friend replaced the Punt E Mes with sweet vermouth. It’s surprising how much the taste changes even though it was only replacing vermouth with vermouth. Lower key drink for sure. I still prefer the original, but I recommend everyone try it with sweet vermouth to check out the variation.

At this point, I think of any drink with either sweet vermouth or Punt e Mes as a spectrum where the total quantity remains the same but there is a mixture of the two. To make a drink a little richer, replace a little of the sweet vermouth with PeM. To make it lighter, replace a little PeM with sweet vermouth. I have actually done this several times to great effect.

I made this with Mezcal last night. Maybe we call it a “Mezcalmilian Affair.” I backed off your recipe to 2 oz mezcal, but otherwise the same. The first sip seemed overpowering, but then it was so goooood. Seems like it could induce raucous behavior.

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