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Best. Manhattan. Evar. - Consumatorium

Best. Manhattan. Evar.

[Note: for our one-stop-shop of Manhattan preparation info, check out our Classic Manhattan post

A Manhattan is among the most classic of classic cocktails. The standard recipe is Rye, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters with a cherry. My drink tonight illustrates how brands matter, because it was amazing.

  • 2 oz Russell’s Kentucky Rye
  • 1 oz Punt e Mes
  • 1/4 oz Amaro Ramazzotti (bitters)
  • Luxardo cherry with a little bit of the juice
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  1. I totally agree with Dave when he says “brands matter.” They matter to YOU. Everyone has preferences. You should experiment with various brands of each liquor to find out what works best for you. As an example, I had a Manhattan, which I love, the other night (classic, with sweet vermouth) using a new (for me) rye – Knob Creek. Not my favorite. Tossed it in the sink, made a new one with Whistle Pig and enjoyed every last drop.

  2. Yep, it’s definitely subjective. By the way, readers should know that Will frequently throws away perfectly potable drinks if he doesn’t love them. I rarely do that.

  3. Just made this . . . sort of. I didn’t have Amaro Ramazzotti so I used Amaro Averna. This drink is fabulous. Calling it a Manhattan does this drink a disservice though. It has a unique flavor – a bit sweeter than a Manhattan, but also richer. Perhaps that’s the difference in the amaros used. The only problem with this is that the specified quantities don’t make enough. I have to get my ass out of this chair now and mix another.

  4. Come to think of it, this drink should be called an Upper West Side. What do you think?

  5. Love the name! And there is no cocktail by that name according to The Google!

    Suggest you do a new post. Also maybe try increasing the Amaro concentration slightly and see what that does.

    I’ll try it with Amaro Montenegro.

  6. Just made Dave’s version with Whistle pig rye — very tasty — that is some pig! Thought either the Amaro or the Punt e mes overpowered it a bit, though it is hard to measure 1/4 oz in a standard conical shot measure — will need to get a more precise measuring device.

  7. It’s probably the Punt e Mes – I’m contemplating some experiments whereby I mix M&R sweet vermouth and Punt e Mes half-and-half to get the flavor but a little less heavy. 1/4 oz is really just a little in the bottom of the shot – think “a little more than a few dashes.”

  8. Drinking this on the rocks tonight. Very good. Especially as a transition into autumn, when I am not fully prepared for undiluted Manhattan.

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