Consumatorium Reviews: Orlando Craft Cocktail Bars

Drink at Hanson'sRecently, we found ourselves in Orlando, Florida and, as usual, set out on a mission to identify the best Orlando Craft Cocktail Bars. As it turns out, Orlando, like several other Florida cities we’ve visited, has a great craft cocktail scene. No, none of them are at Disney World, although a drunk Mickey would be a great logo. Apparently, there is a rule in the city that bars are licensed and taxes collected based on the doors to the establishments rather than the the size, shape or arrangement of the facility, itself. So, if a few bars share the same door, they get licensed and taxed as if they were one.

As a result, some enterprising people have bought or rented old buildings that are a maze of interconnected spaces, but all share at least one entrance together. In these places, they build out multiple bars. Each one of these is small, cozy and because of the focus on cocktails, great at mixing drinks.

While we were there, we visited:

Each of the bars was small – very small – with great ambiance and fantastic bartenders who wanted to talk with us about the drinks they make and why they use the ingredients they do. Each one of them was happy to mix a new drink based on what we like rather than what they have listed on their bar menu. Herman’s and Hanson’s are examples of a trend we’re seeing all over the place. Bars are being named for the businesses that occupied the building they’re in from the past. Herman’s was a bank and Hanson’s was, well, a shoe repair shop.

Our first stop was The Courtesy, which claims to be the first craft cocktail bar in Orlando. The bartender talked with us about the myriad of foreign ingredients stocked behind the bar and why certain ingredients work together. A sign of a bartender who enjoys his craft.

Herman's Loan OfficeNext, we hit Herman’s and met a terrific bartender, Maria, who gladly synthesized drinks from a list of favorites we offered up. The drinks were excellent. When we asked about favorite gins, she happily let us try some and even introduced us to a new tonic syrup she was using and highly recommended. She also told us that she was the bartender at Hanson’s the next evening. So we made it our next target.

Hanson's Shoe RepairHanson’s is one of multiple bars in a single building and requires that you tweet them ahead of time to get the password to get in (shhh – @hansonsshoeshop). Sorta a modern cut on a speakeasy. When you do get in, you’re escorted by two other bars before you find Hanson’s way upstairs. Maria was their and mixed us a couple more fantastic drinks.

We also had some great drinks at a few fantastic restaurants:

All are highly recommended. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hit all the highly-ranked cocktail bars in town. Next time, we’ll also visit:

Winter Warmer Cocktail


As the days are getting colder and the nights downright freezing, I wanted to create a drink that cut through the temperatures and warmed people up from the inside. It needed a whiskey base which I paired with our in-your-face Ginger Simple Syrup (you can find all our Simple Syrup recipes here) and added some tartness with lemon juice. I then rounded it out with heavy touch of Absinthe.

Although my goal was to make a strong, whiskey dominated drink, it doesn’t come off that way at all. In fact, the drink is amazingly smooth. I give some of the credit to my whisky of choice, Buffalo Trace, but also to the offsetting taste of the ginger and lemon. The Absinthe just adds complexity and, while a little heavy-handed in the drink, works well.

Winter Warmer Cocktail Recipe

Rocks Glass

      • 2-1/2 oz Bourbon (I used Buffalo Trace)
      • 1/2 oz Ginger Simple Syrup
      • 1/2 oz Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
      • 1/4 oz Absinthe

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake until cold. Serve straight up in a rocks glass.

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